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Kerosene Stars pays homage to all the great power pop bands. Led by singer-songwriter Scott Schaafsma, this Chicago based outfit fuse British invasion era influences with Midwest Americana stylings to weave sincere, infectious rock tunes that will leave the listener wanting more.

The band produced their first release titled "The Killer EP" in the Fall of 2011 (digital release only), with a full length album in the works for 2014. 

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Scott from Kerosene Stars has one of those voices that tickles the “gritty pop” centers of your brain, and reverberates between your ears hours after you’ve stopped listening to it. If we weren’t being clear (and we often aren’t); it’s a voice we love.

He’s also got the songs and melodies to match, writing tunes that, no matter how bleak the subject matter, can turn any computer-faced work day into a finger snapping happy-time.

Add to this already successful equation a razor-sharp, pocket-loving band that knows when to KISS (if you don’t know this acronym, you likely didn’t attend any of your middle school English classes). Well-used glock, rock-steady Ringo Star drums, melodic harp, twangy-pop backdrop… what’s not to like?

Nothing. There’s nothing not to like.

.Matt Tanaka

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the killer ep (2011)

breaking news (2012)

Breaking news

by Kerosene Stars

The second release from Chicago's Kerosene Stars. Crawl on back and Eleanor Dear recorded at Harmony House Studios in Evanston, engineered by Tim Bennett. Call the Police recorded at Kingsize Sound Labs, engineered by Mike Hagler.